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Office Refurbishment

Office RefurbishmentBack

Burton Exteriors renovated their office and part of their utility room. In the office they re-sited the computers storage cupboards and worktops. All ManU pictures were put into frames to suit the walls of the office. The carpets and door mats were replaced with ones that would not hold the dirt of the builders walking in.

In the utility room the shower and linen cupboard were removed. In this place was re-built a workmens cloakroom with shoe racks below. The linen cupboard was re-built with wider shelves and shoe racks below. The floor was re-tiled in grey ceramic tiles. Above these two cupboards was inserted a box which had previously been a wine box. They added a mirror to the rear inside and a red shelf to the bottom and a strip of LED lights. The effect is beautiful. Please see pictures…
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